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1. Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics for First Grade: Plus Blend Phonics Fluency Drills. This is the original program for those who prefer to purchase an inexpensive paperback instead of running off the pages for the free program. It is the same as the original with the addition of powerful “Fluency Drills” for improving decoding fluency (accuracy and speed) and reading ability. Teacher Training Video.

2. Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories. This is the culmination of 10 years experience teaching Blend Phonics. The book combines Mrs. Hazel Logan Loring’s 1980 Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics lessons with 62 decodable stories that Mrs. Elizabeth Brown wrote in 2010 to add interest to the phonics lessons. I wrote four comprehensions questions for each story based on Dr. George González’ Eight Comprehension Power Strategies. The program even includes spelling words for each lesson. There are a total of 636 spelling words in the book. A special feature of the program is the inclusion of all 220 Dolch List Sight Words. Teacher Training Video.

3. Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories: Cursive Edition. This is a special edition of Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories for developing students’ ability to read cursive fluently. I use this with students as young as kindergarten. All the lessons, stories, and spelling words are in cursive.

4. Blend Phonics Timed Fluency Drills. This book by Mr. Potter is nothing short of revolutionary. It impliments a form of High Speed Phonics that enables students to dramatically increase their word identification accuracy and speed (fluency) through daily timed drills focusing on specific phonics (orthographic) patterns in a developmental sequence. It is based on the principles of Precison Teaching. It gives precise, fine-grained information on students progress. Good for all students, of inestimable value for dyslexics.  Teacher Training Video.

5. Beyond Blend Phonics. Mr.Potter published Beyond Blend Phonics in March of 2015 as a follow-up to Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics for First Grade. It teaches the three main levels of English: Anglo-Saxon prefixes and suffixes, Romance (Latin and French) prefixes, roots, and suffixes, and Greek combining forms. The book teaches students to identify 731 advanced English words. It uses a unique method of illustrating the meanings of advanced words by means of easily understood pairs of sentences.  It will increase students’ reading levels in a natural, easy, and enjoyable manner. It also teaches homonyms. Student Review: Ally & Mr. Potter. Teacher Training Video for Beyond Blend Phonics. Here are my PowerPoint Slides for Beyond Blend Phonics. The book was inspired by my experience reading Dr. Marcia K. Henry’s article, “Organizing Decoding Instruction” and teaching her WORDS program. 

Related Items

Wise Owl Polysyllables: Advanced Reading Skills for Young Children. This is a very unique book that enables children as young as first grade to read multisyllabic words generally considered too hard for young children. Here Mr. Potter’s Wise Owl Slides, which can be used to facilitate instruction.

First Readers Anthology. This is a beautiful anthology of eleven decodable readers, beginning with very simple short a words and proceeding step-by-step through the entire range of phonics patterns necessary to read English. First Readers Anthology is now available in a cursive edition: First Readers Anthology: Cursive Edition.

Word Mastery. This is a supurb 1913 phonics method that I published in July 2014.  Word Mastery is now available in a beautiful, large print cursive edition: Word Mastery Cursive.

A Sound Track to Reading, advanced, intensive phonics book and reader. By the late Monica Foltzer, former Director of the Intensive Phonics Institue at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio. Revised 2019 by Donald L. Potter. A complete course in one book. Here is my webpage with supporting material: A Sound Track to Reading

Natural Phonics Primer: A Universal Safety Net for Literacy. Published on March 27, 2022, this represents my effort to combine into a single 138-page paperback a unique approach to promote universal literacy in America. Fluency rates (accuracy and speed) are assigned for grades kindergaraten through eighth, making the program appropriate for beginning readers, remedial readers, and even advanced readers. Since every student goes through the program, no student will ever again be allowed to fail. Homeschool parents will appreciate the power of the program to test their children’s ability to decode words, which is the foundation for all higher level reading skills. 

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