Blend Phonics with Cursive

 Blend Phonics with Cursive

Here is a picture of a recent (September 2017) first grade Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories class. The first lesson includes short a words with all the consonants and u in qu. The picture shows the story, “Sam, a cat.” I am convinced from both theoretical considerations and 30 years teaching reading that this is far and away the best way to teach all students to read. The cards in the picture are the spelling words for the first story.

The advantage of teaching reading with cursive handwriting and spelling is that it captures the attention of even the students with the most severe cases of ADD and ADHD. It is also a powerful tool for helping students with dyslexia.

The program can be taught with manuscript or cursive according to the teacher’s preference. But it seems like a waste of good time to me to spent lots of time teaching reading with manuscript when I could have taught cursive in the same amount of time.

Here is the paperback edition of my Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories: Cursive Edition. The lessons and stories are the same, but the word are in cursive.

Here is my Fundamentals of Cursive teacher training video.


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