Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics

Nationwide Educational Reform Campaign

Sponsored by Donald L. Potter


The purpose of this website is to promote Hazel Logan Loring’s 1980 Reading_Made_Easy_With_Blend_Phonics for First Grade  as the definitive solution to the problem of illiteracy in The United States and other English speaking countries.

Program Description

The program features a highly effective, easy-to-teach, single-letter phonics technique for teaching reading to students of any age. It will prevent the development of reading problems in beginning students and remediate its presence in older student.


Several factors lead me to believe that the goal of making Blend Phonics available to every reading teacher in America is now feasible.

  1. The program is totally free. Loring insisted that her program be made available for free. When first published, 5,000 copies were printed and mailed free to teachers in Michigan.
  2. There are no strings attached other than that the free downloadable pdf edition can only be used for non-commercial educational purposes.
  3. Numerous supplements and training materials (written, audio, and video) are available for free on the other pages of this website. These supplements will greatly aid teachers in implementing the program successfully.
  4. The implementation of the program does not require any changes in curriculum currently used. It is capable of being used as a stand-alone or supplement.
  5. I believe it is completely aligned with contemporary scientific research in reading acquisition.
  6. Properly implemented it covers handwriting, phonics, reading, spelling, and vocabulary development in one easy-to-teach program.
  7. The power of the Internet and social networking means that the program is available to everyone with Internet access.
  8.  Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics for First Grade: Plus Blend Phonics Fluency Drills. This is a paperback edition of  the original program with the addition of my Blend Phonics Fluency Drills.
  9. A very inexpensive 6 x 9 paperback book containing all Loring’s phonics lessons along with decodable stories, comprehension questions, and spelling words is available: Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories


Participation is entirely voluntary. Everyone is welcome to download Loring’s Blend Phonics Pamphlet and teach the program. Feel free to share it with fellow teachers, tutors, parents, professors, researchers, tutors, and administrators. Perhaps concerned business men will want to make copies to give to teachers, schools, and even to entire school districts.

Homeschool parents will find it an inexpensive alternative or useful adjunct to commercially available phonics programs.

I am not in favor of requiring teachers to teach Blend Phonics, but I am 100% in favor of allowing ALL teachers to use Blend Phonics, simply because it will assure success with all their students. Motivation to use a superior program, not coercion to follow a district mandate, is what is going to take Blend Phonics to a nationwide level.

A good way to help with the Campaign is to donate money to the work via PayPal.

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