Testimonials for Blend Phonics

Testimonials for Blend Phonics

Over the years I have received literally hundreds of testimonials praising Hazel Loring’s Blend Phonics. It never dawned on me to publish them to encourage others to teach the program. Unfortunately, I have not kept very many of them, but here are a few:

“I want to encourage you to continue your work in promoting the use of Blend Phonics by all teachers and parents to teach children and adults to read! It truly is the easiest and most effective method I have tried. I had watched your video in which you showed how to teach Blend Phonics to be sure I was doing it correctly. Then we proceeded with the lessons. I was encouraged by the video and the statement on our website that you have achieved 100% success with your students since using this program. Michele Beaujean, Grateful Mother of 7 in PA.

“A couple million copies of this tiny treasure, in the hands of every K-12 teacher in the schools, would bring about a revival of grassroots literacy within a year. Many teachers at last would understand why their school’s adopted commercial programs produce poor reading and what to do. Kathy Diehl, Former Director of Research for the Reading Reform Foundation.

“An effective answer to literacy … Let me offer a less costly, and more effective answer. I have her a twenty-five-page booklet called Blend Phonics by Hazel Loring, a master teacher born in 1902, who taught under both the “whole word” and phonics systems. The legacy she has left us is powerful. Within the pages of this little booklet is the cure of illiteracy as we begin the twenty-first century … If every preservice reading teacher, and every reading supervisor, every kindergarten and first- and second-grade teacher in America had the information contained in Hazel Loring’s 25-page booklet and taught it this fall, there would be such a dramatic decrease in illiteracy in this country that the national media would be forced to take note. Robert W. Sweet. Jr. Co-Founder and President of The National Right to Read Foundation.

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